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Our Differentiated Asset Management Approach

At Wren House, we recognise our role as responsible, flexible and supportive custodians of critical infrastructure companies that provide essential services to their communities and create lasting positive impact.

We are engaged partners alongside strong leadership teams. We help them shape their vision, leveraging our operational and financial resources as well as our experience.

Our asset management approach is focused on five main levers to enable long-term sustainable portfolio development

Management Team

We invest in great companies led by outstanding management teams. We identify companies that have the right skills and capabilities within their leadership teams and ensure they are incentivised to deliver the outcomes prioritised by our stakeholders and shareholders. We engage early, develop supportive relationships and bring strategic challenge, insight and advice.

Business Strategy

We focus on long term strategy. We identify investments that have a clearly defined business strategy in tune with the impact of global megatrends and major stakeholders’ expectations. We work with our portfolio companies to ensure there is absolute clarity on the actions required to deliver on the long term strategy, and actions required to respond to the ever changing business environment.

Efficient Delivery

We work with the management teams of our portfolio companies to ensure that their processes, systems and capabilities are fit for purpose to enable them to deliver efficient and sustainable results.


We ensure investment companies are well–financed and have the flexibility required to respond to a changing environment and to support the ongoing delivery of business plan and strategic objectives.

ESG Focus

We are forward-looking stewards of the businesses we invest in. Whether it is on behalf of the global environment or local communities, our aim is always to deliver business strategy whilst minimising any potential adverse societal impacts. As such, we track and measure our impact on society and stakeholders. We embrace best-in-class governance practices and measure our progress against them.