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Community Infrastructure

Community infrastructure covers a range of services and assets that ensure social wellbeing and contribute towards better quality of life

It serves as the foundation from which essential social services such as healthcare and education are provided.

How we invest in community infrastructure

Community is an attractive investment theme as it is characterised by non-elastic demand, low correlation to economic cycles and other infrastructure themes, and high barriers to entry (regulatory, reputation and capital intensity) resulting in predictable performance. It also benefits from robust trends, such as an ageing population and growing private sector involvement to fill the investment gap in social infrastructure globally.

Wren House targets investments in social infrastructure including private hospitals, diagnostic, mental health and specialist care facilities, nursing homes and education.

We have invested in businesses that are critical components of the healthcare system, including private hospitals and specialist care. Our strategy focuses on markets with stable healthcare systems and resilient funding that nurture high quality care services and which provide significant opportunities for both organic growth and consolidation.

We target businesses with irreplaceable assets, such as quality of services and reputation, and which are well positioned to benefit from long-term demographic trends.

Our Portfolio in Numbers

We treat 480,000 patients annually

Our clinics employ 7,500 practitioners

We stand for excellent reputation in all surgical fields

Portfolio Highlights

Almaviva Santé

Almaviva Santé is the fourth largest private hospitals group in France. Founded in 2007, Almaviva is a group of 38 private establishments with local roots in the South France region, in Ile de France and Corsica. It has an excellent reputation in all surgical fields.

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