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Digital Infrastructure

Increased connectivity is an essential service requiring significant infrastructure modernisation.

We are creating and consuming more data than ever before: over the last two years alone, 90% of the world’s data was created[1]. This trend is expected to continue as the number of connected devices and data consumption per device continues to increase.

How we invest in digital infrastructure

At Wren House we see a significant opportunity to invest in critical infrastructure that enables connectivity across users and technologies. Additionally, digital infrastructure offers diversification from other infrastructure assets due to its lower exposure to GDP and regulatory risks.

Wren House considers all enabling network technologies as part of the digital theme. These include towers, fibre and data centre opportunities that exhibit strong infrastructure characteristics.

Our Portfolio in Numbers

We are constructing fibre in more than 20 communities across several states of the United States.

We have over 23k mobile tower sites across 20 countries

We offer 1Gb Internet speed to our customers

[1]Source: Forbes

Portfolio Highlights

i3 Broadband

i3 Broadband is a leading fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) operator established in 2003, based in Illinois (USA). The company provides gigabit-speed broadband, as well as video and voice services to residential and commercial customers in the states of Illinois, Missouri and Rhode Island. i3 Broadband continues to expand to other states in the US.

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