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Energy Transition

Underlying megatrends of decarbonisation and electrification drive the policy shift towards lower carbon emissions and sustainable industry globally.

This growth is expected to accelerate in the foreseeable future, with the scaling up of renewables targets and global investment requirements in the energy transition reaching $90 trillion by 2050[1] to achieve the Net Zero pathway.

How we invest in energy transition infrastructure

At Wren House, we recognise that energy transition is a transformation of infrastructure that requires a stewardship approach to conventional energy assets through responsible governance as well as significant investment in both mature and emerging renewable technologies, and in companies providing essential services supporting the evolution towards Net Zero targets.

We focus on driving operational transformation at our portfolio companies by embedding ESG across the organisation and supporting them on their journey towards achieving long-term sustainability.

Our team seeks to partner with and support strong management teams of leading sustainable infrastructure businesses globally through operational value creation and measurable sustainability targets.

We invest in high-quality sustainable businesses with strong infrastructure characteristics that facilitate decarbonisation agendas of major economies and across the whole value chain of energy transition enabling technologies.

Our Portfolio in Numbers

$2-4trln in annual investment in energy transition expected by 2025

Electrification and increased deployment of renewables expected to account for ~40% of emissions reduction by 2070

We accelerate energy transition by generating > 4GW renewable electricity in 8 countries

[1]International Energy Agency (IEA)

Portfolio Highlights

Global Power Generation

Global Power Generation (GPG) is a global clean technology power generation company with over 5GW of operating and under construction generation capacity in 7 countries, and a significant pipeline of renewables projects. GPG operates a wide range of power generation technologies including gas-fired plants, hydro, wind and solar renewables, as well as battery storage.

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