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Natural Systems

Natural Systems is at the core of our sustainable investment approach

It covers a range of services and assets within the water, environmental services and agriculture infrastructure sectors, investing in the need for increasingly efficient and resilient systems required to support the global megatrends of population growth, urbanisation and carbon reduction.

How we invest in natural systems

Significant investment in this sector is required to address water scarcity, replace and upgrade the ageing assets and transition to a sustainable low carbon use of resources through more efficient resource management, treatment, recycling and disposal practices.

Our team applies a thematic approach to investing in this sector, identifying opportunities with durable tailwinds that provide essential services demonstrated by strong long-term performance.

Our investment strategy focuses on markets with established practices as well as potential for growth and innovation, with goal to support further development and improvement of essential infrastructure required by communities and businesses and that is resilient to adverse macro-economic conditions.

Our Portfolio in Numbers

Thames Water serves 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley

Water consumption by public, industry and agriculture in Europe projected to increase by >15% by 2030

70% expected increase in municipal solid waste volumes through 2050

Portfolio Highlights

Thames Water

Thames Water is the largest provider of water and sewerage services in the UK, supplying over 2.6 billion litres of drinking water per day to 9 million customers and collecting 4.6 billion litres of sewage per day for 15 million customers.

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