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Almaviva Santé

Almaviva Santé

Key Information

Investment Date 2021
Geography France
Sector Community

Almaviva Santé is the fourth largest private hospitals group in France, founded in 2007. Almaviva is a group of 38 private facilities with local roots in the South France region, Ile de France and Corsica and has an excellent reputation in all surgical fields. Almaviva Santé offers medical and surgical care in the following disciplines: Medicine Surgery Obstetrics, Dialysis, Radiotherapy, Imaging, Rehabilitation and Hospitalization at Home. The group treats c. 480,000 patients annually, manages 4,300 beds, has 250 intervention and examination rooms, employs nearly 5,500 employees and is a partner of 2,000 self-employed practitioners.

Market trends and drivers underpinning the company’s success



The French hospital care market is characterised by attractive fundamentals, including a mature healthcare system, high quality of care and secular growth trends driven by an ageing population. Private clinics are a key pillar of the French healthcare sector as they are a compelling complement and partner to public hospitals, supporting the ability of the French healthcare system to deliver high quality of care in a growing demand environment and doing so in an efficient and cost-effective way. The sector benefits from strong barriers to entry, including reputation, complex medical authorisation and certification process and high set up costs.

What we like about Almaviva



Almaviva has a track record of delivering high quality care through a range of operating conditions. Its proven strategy is based on leveraging its leadership position in its regional clusters to recruit and retain the best practitioners and staff, drive specialisation of its clinics, supporting the medical teams through organic investments in its facilities and investing in new state of art equipment. This results in a constantly improving quality of care for patients while providing significant opportunities for growth, delivering value to local communities.

Wren House approach to working with the company


In 2021 we partnered with the Almaviva management team, practitioners, SRS and Bpifrance to support Almaviva through its next phase of development. Since then, we jointly undertook a series of initiatives to further strengthen Almaviva’s competitive positioning in its core markets through an important investment programme, driven by a committed and sector-leading management team and supported by high-calibre senior industry experts.

Societal Contribution

Sustainable cities and communities
Good health and well-being