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i3 Broadband

i3 Broadband

Key Information

Investment Date 2020
Geography USA
Sector Digital

The company provides gigabit-speed broadband, as well as video and voice services, to residential and commercial customers in the states of Illinois, Missouri and Rhode Island. i3 Broadband continues to expand to other states in the USA.

Market trends and drivers underpinning the company’s success

Consumers’ data consumption is expected to grow exponentially due to digitalisation and increased content consumption.

Fibre to the home (FTTH) is the leading technology to service the growing consumer demand for reliable high-speed broadband. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted our reliance on internet and its utility like characteristics in our world.

Significant first-mover advantage creates high barriers to entry in markets with at least one FTTH provider.

What we like about i3 Broadband

i3 Broadband is a high-quality fibre platform with scalable business model. The company operates in and around states with significant opportunity to roll out fibre.

The business has a strong track record of rolling out fibre with disciplined capex spend and achievement of high penetration.

The company has industry leading churn rates as a result of its  ability to offer a high level of customer service and retain subscribers.

Wren House approach to working with the company

Since our investment in 2020, we have provided operational and capital support to the i3 Broadband management team. We have increased the annual construction capacity of the company by 10x and continue to serve our customers with the highest quality of Internet service.

Societal Contribution

Sustainable cities and communities
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Reduced inequalities